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Borghese Gallery

Created by the cardinal Scipione Borghese as hunting residence and place for exhibition of paintings, statues etc., is one of the best and most celebrated art collections on the earth. Masterpieces by: Bernini, Raphael, Caravaggio, Titian, Domenichino, Pinturicchio, Lotto, Correggio, Cranach, Rubens, Zuccari, Canova and many others.




Difficulty  (1-4)




Booking Requested
Required clothing No
Tickets Reservation
Helpful hints Cameras allowed - Even small-sized bags are not allowed - Booking also for the guide is compulsory (free of charge)


Adults Kids*
* Children under the age of 15 years don't pay for the guiding service.
Adult Prices:
01 - 04 = 150.00 €
05 - 08 = 170.00 €
09 - 13 = 200.00 €

Tour lenght: Hours 3.00

Tour on request

Tour on request